Brews and Tunes begins 2017 season with later hours

Back for its third year, Brews and Tunes kicked off its first of 16 events spread throughout the summer to showcase the area’s best musicians, breweries and eats each week. This year, organizers decided that having the event at 3 to 5 p.m. like the past two years was too hot and too early for […]

Tri-Cities brewers making special Tripel for April beer week

What are some of the area’s best brewers collaboratively producing for early April’s Tri-Cities Craft Beer Week? They’re taking advantage of loosened state regulations allowing them to produce beer with more than 6.2 percent alcohol and making a higher-gravity Tripel beer, a first of its kind in the area. The end product is expected to be […]

Police: Man smashed window of downtown Johnson City brewery with rock

A Johnson City man was charged with felony vandalism and public intoxication early Wednesday morning after police say he broke the window of a downtown brewery. Joshua Heft, 43, 141 E. Market St., was found nearby by city officers at the Johnson City Public Library after they responded to the Johnson City Brewing Company, where […]

Thirsty Orange Ticket Give-A-Way

The 6th annual Thirsty Orange Beer Festival will take place on April 8th, 2017 at Founders’ Park in Johnson City. Over 100 rare and obscure craft beers to sample. The Iron Brewer Challenge will take place the same day. Free Beer Booth (photobooth) picture to take home. Beer infusers with Chocolate, Fruit and other fun […]

Will you go to a brewery if your dog isn’t allowed inside?

Late in 2016, the Commonwealth of Virginia had to clarify its position on dogs being allowed at breweries. The great thing about breweries is how family and pet-friendly they are, adopting an all-welcoming, but not all-serving attitude when it comes to who is allowed to have a good time with patrons. But because the process […]

Area craft brewers: Regional disadvantage decreases with Jan. 1, 2017 alcohol limit increase

The Northeast Tennessee craft beer business has been picking up for the past few years, but compared with counterparts just across the North Carolina and Virginia state lines, area brewers have been essentially carrying out their artisan work with one hand tied behind their backs. On Jan. 1, 2017, that disadvantage doesn’t altogether go away, […]

Pick Six

Taps going dark for winter porters and stout beers

When the cold winds blow heralding the oncoming of winter, it’s the dark porters and rich stouts that takeover the taps from the pumpkin ales and oktoberfests of autumn.